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Weber Grills

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We are an Authorized Weber Grill Service Provider, offering troubleshooting & repair of your Weber Gas Grill. Additionally, we provide Annual Tune-Ups which include:
  • full cleaning of of burner tubes, insect screens, & gas orifices
  • brushing & scraping of flavorizer bars & cook box 
  • check for proper ignition & burner flame pattern
  • inspection of gas supply lines
  • check for gas leaks

Our Genesis® gas grills carry on the tradition of being the first of their kind. Their spacious cooking areas and top-notch engineering will quickly launch you into a world of grill-happy euphoria.

What Makes a Weber® a Weber®?

Fuel Efficiency
More is not always better. Our grills are engineered to be fuel efficient. Burners and valves deliver the precise input of BTUs to reach high searing temperatures—with no inefficiencies, so you won’t waste fuel.

Easy Assembly
Our gas grills are engineered to go together in under an hour with easy-to-follow, illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Designed and Engineered in Palatine, IL
The Weber® Summit®, Genesis®, Q®, and charcoal grills are assembled in America using internationally sourced components. The Weber® Spirit® series gas grill and Compact charcoal grills (export) are assembled in China.

Welded Frames
The frames of our gas grills use the maximum number of welds and the fewest numbers of fasteners for extra strength and stability.

Trial by Fire
The burners on every single gas grill are ignition-tested before they leave the factory to ensure a problem-free product arrives at your door.

When you have a Weber you can have FUN with it!

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